Luxury and exclusivity can finally be tailored to meet one’s individual expectations. At La Grande Maison Younan Collection, we deliver uncompromised luxury with dedication to the finest quality and timeless beauty. The true LMYC one-of-a-kind luxury experience pays homage to the most luxurious brands in the world, but seeks to surpass this experience by offering the most exclusive products and experiences, with respect to tradition, craftsmanship, and the quality that meets each person’s desires and expectations. Redefining the limits of luxury is our promise to you.

Zaya S. Younan
-  Chairman & CEO

Luxury without limit

This is the story of a man deeply appreciative of French culture and the values ​​it embodies. It all began in the United States where Zaya S. Younan grew up and was educated. Throughout his childhood he dreamed of castles, splendor, and tradition. After the exemplary professional success of Younan Properties, a property management company founded in 2002, Zaya S. Younan decided to realize his dream: he created in 2015 La Grande Maison Younan Collection. The beginning of a new adventure for this passionate lover of the art of French living

Discover the career of Zaya S. Younan

La Grande Maison Younan Collection

Founded in 2015, La Grande Maison Younan Collection has since radiated throughout Europe, in Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Germany and France! Beautiful residences, hotels, restaurants, and soon vineyards...

In France, La Grande Maison already has four establishments: Château de Beauvois, Hôtel Saint-Martin, Château Le Prieuré and Château du Petit Chêne. All four resolutely embody the French art of living , its history, and savoir-faire.

Everyone deserves at least once to stay in a castle, to live like a king, and to touch a bit of history.

Zaya S. Younan

The dream within everyone's reach

A family project

Reviving the past of the grand prestigious manors of France, this is what drives Zaya S. Younan. But he intends to offer this immersion into the heart of refinement and tradition to his guests. For if the man dreams of grandeur and prestige, it is not for himself alone! The castles that he restores into stunning hotels are for each one of us. His creed? "Everyone deserves to stay in a castle at least once!"

The adventure of La Grande Maison Younan Collection is decidedly a family affair! In the footsteps of the founder, they all have become engaged in this project. From working with the architects and interior designers, to the landscape architects, the Younan family is intimately involved with transformation, and offer a deeply ingrained passion to build this Grande Maison!