Louis XIII, our gourmet restaurant

The delights of traditional French cooking

In the art of French living, gastronomy holds an essential place! At the Louis XIII restaurant this holds true, both by the setting provided and by the quality of its cuisine!

It is called the Royal dining room. For lunch and dinner, you are welcomed into this beautiful room with its high ceilings, white marble floor, and large windows overlooking the terrace and grounds. A setting both warm and bright with a beautiful period fireplace, a bright flame crackles in the hearth in the winter.

Weather permitting, the large terrace allows enjoying the sunny days with stunning views out over the French gardens. Large flag stones, and flower beds... A superb setting in which to enjoy the cuisine of the Louis XIII. 

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day during the high season and from Wednesday to Sunday between mid-october and end of march.

menu du marché à Tours
Lunch Menu "Le Beauvois"
From Monday to Saturday, come to discover at lunch our "Le Beauvois" menu in the unic place.

Our Chef, Régis Guilpain

Régis Guilpain has earned a stellar reputation for his personalized style of cooking, grounded in French cuisine. He began his career at the Castle restaurant in 1989 as a pastry chef. Since 2001, he presides over the destiny of the Louis XIII restaurant. Years of service dedicated to French gastronomy in full respect of its traditions. A great connoisseur of seasonal and local products, he manages to flatter the palate with his subtle blend of flavors and textures!

Gourmet, friendly, and generous cuisine

The Louis XIII cuisine is a reflection of the Castle's refined elegance. True flavors for beautiful and delicious dishes where every detail counts. Compositions honoring the art of French living at the Château de Beauvois. Foie gras of duck, veal sweetbreads, and kidneys prepared "Beuchelle à la Tourangelle", "baked Apple Tatin on caramel crème brûlée with salted butter and Brittany butter cookies in a glass along with Granny Smith jelly, and caramel ice cream"... Gourmet, friendly, and generous cuisine to enjoy year-round!

An exceptional wine cellar

For all tastes and all occasions

As a nod to its history, the cellar is located in the former quarry used to supply the construction of the Château de Beauvois towers. This is where the wine was kept at an ideal temperature and humidity, away from envious eyes.

Today, change of scenery: the cellar has been transformed into a superb showcase in mahogany and gilded bronze, can be viewed directly from the Louis XIII. Regional and grands crus wines meet in optimal conditions of conservation: including those of Saumur-Champigny, Bourgueil, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and champagne...