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Zaya S. Younan is an American entrepreneur with a background in engineering, commercial real estate and high technology.

Coming from a modest family as a child, he often dreamed of castle life while busy at his studies, or watching films and documentaries on television.

In 2002, he created Younan Properties, a real estate investment company that met with great success.

In 2015, he founded La Grande Maison Younan Collection, a European luxury hotel resort subsidiary that already owns five properties in France.

Mr. Younan is seeking to expand the Younan Collection internationally and is thus studying opportunities in Spain, Italy, Great Britain, and Germany. He also plans to enlarge his business scope by purchasing shares in vineyards and champagne houses.

His first French acquisition was the Alexandra Palace built in the 17th century in Gâtine-Mazières. The Younan Collection also acquired the Château de Beauvois, the Hôtel Saint-Martin, L'Oratorien, becomes Le Logis, a gourmet restaurant, and the Château Le Prieuré, another castle located in the Loire Valley.


Zaya S. Younan has always been a strong admirer of France. For him, France is a country renowned for gastronomy, fashion, architecture and vineyards.

Through this latest endeavor, he will "re-establish a connection" with this era of royalty, noblemen, princes, and princesses as we all have imagined it in our dreams.

With an air of refinement, Zaya S. Younan uses precious material, carved stones, gold, sculptured gardens, proper gastronomy, elegance and sophistication, all reflecting a bygone era of luxury with authenticity.

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Everyone deserves at least once to stay in a castle, to go back in time and live like royalty.

Zaya S. Younan
Chairman & CEO

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